Below is the pricing for Registration:

Delegate TypeBefore 7/16/2017 Before 7/31/2017Before 8/31/2017Before 9/30/2017After 9/30/2017
Qualified InvestorsFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Qualified Asset AllocatorsFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Non-Investment Related Function Investors
(e.g. FOF Marketers, RIAs not directly allocating to hedge funds, etc.)
Alternative Lending Platforms$1,595$1,795$1,995$2,195$2,495
Service Providers$1,995$2,195$2,395$2,595$2,995
Boot Camp Registration additional fee for Managers*+$395+$495+$545+$595+$695
Boot Camp Registration additional fee for Service Providers*+$795+$795+$895+$895+$895
Boot Camp Manager Presenter and Private Table during Cocktail Networking++$250+$250+$250+$250+$250
One on One Sessions* (per firm)+$995+$1,195+$1,295+$1,395+$1,595
Manager – Featured Manager Exclusive Table in One on One Room+ (per firm)+$895+$895+$995+$995+$995


Investors Include: Family offices, Institutional Investors, Accredited Investors, Private Equity Investors, and VC Investors. Family Offices/Institutional Investors include: Family Offices, Foundations, Pension Funds, Qualified Investors/Purchasers and Seed Investors. Asset Allocators Include: Fund of Funds, Advisors/Consultants and Family Office Consultants that allocate money to hedge funds. For marketers or others not allocating to hedge funds they will be registered as Non-Investment Related Functions – Managers (e.g. Fund of Funds Marketers).

Hedge Fund Boot Camp – Sunday Oct. 22nd

*For Managers that want to attend the optional Hedge Fund Boot Camp there is an additional charge on top of the normal registration fees. The Hedge Fund Boot Camp will be held before the Summit on Sunday Oct. 22nd. Investors can attend the Boot Camp for free.
+Managers can also request to be part of the Best Trade ideas panel or the Manager Presentations panel which includes having a Manager Table during the Boot Camp Cocktail party for an additional $250.

One on One meetings for Investors and Managers

*For Managers that want to attend the One on One sessions with Investors there is an additional charge on top of the normal registration fees. One on One sessions will be held at various times on Monday and Tuesday during the Summit. Investors attend these sessions for free. With over 1,000 one on one meeting slots available, the Summit provides the opportunity for Investors and Managers to meet each other for pre-scheduled One on One Meetings. These brief One on One introductory meetings are pre-scheduled by Investors and Managers or the Summit team to ensure you meet with executives who best match your investment criteria and goals. If you would like to have a longer meeting you can select multiple time blocks for one meeting. These sessions are open only to Managers and Investors/Allocators.
+Managers can also purchase an exclusive table during all the One on One Sessions for an additional $895.

If you wish to speak with someone regarding your Alternative Asset Summit registration, please contact Victor Park at

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees are not refundable. However, they can be exchanged either for next year’s Summit or for another person to attend in the place of the canceling attendee.

Alternative Asset Events reserves the right to verify any claimed registration category and adjust such registration category for any registrant at Alternative Asset Events’ sole discretion as well as reserves the right to deny or cancel registration of any registrant at any time for any reason at Alternative Asset Events’ sole discretion.