Paul Jabber

Dr. Jabber is the founder and portfolio manager of the Global Energy Strategic Advantage Fund, a master-feeder hedge fund registered in the British Virgin Islands that invests in large-capitalization Oil and Gas sector companies traded on US exchanges. The Fund is managed through Globicom Advisory Services, LLC, a Nevada registered advisory firm established by Dr. Jabber in 2009.

Dr. Jabber is an expert on the Middle East. He served as the New York Lead Manager for the Middle East Merchant Banking Group as well as Vice President for International Economics at Bankers Trust Company. He was the Director of the Middle East Program at the Council on Foreign Relations. He was also a consultant for The Rand Corporation, with a principal focus on control of conventional and nuclear weapons proliferation, and military systems performance assessment in the Middle East. Following the terror attacks on 9/11 of 2001, he served for almost seven years at the Counterterrorism Center of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Dr. Jabber has collaborated with dozens of government and private sector institutions as well as thought leaders in some thirty countries. Blending academic scholarship, business practice and government service, he has closely monitored the politics and economics of large portions of the emerging markets world for over three decades.