Kevin Means

Kevin Means is the Principal of Select Alternative Investments, which he founded in 2012. The firm is built upon Mr. Means’ experience and expertise in portfolio management, quantitative modeling, risk management, and asset allocation. As a former long/short equity hedge fund and mutual fund manager, chief investment officer, asset allocation strategist, and director of quantitative research, Mr. Means’ background is ideally suited for managing alternative ETF portfolios.

Before founding SelectAlts, Mr. Means was the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Equity Management, which had its inception in 2000. He developed the quantitative models and disciplines that guided the firm’s investments and was the original portfolio manager for all of the firm’s funds, including U.S., international, and real estate securities portfolios. Among the funds that he managed was a Morningstar five-star long/short mutual fund. Previously, Mr. Means was Chief Investment Officer – Equities at Aeltus Investment Management (an Aetna subsidiary) in Hartford, where he led that firm’s 55 member equity investment staff. He was responsible for the firm’s $22 billion in equity assets under management, and was lead portfolio manager on various mutual funds totaling $11 billion. Mr. Means began his career with Invesco. At the end of his tenure there, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Invesco Management and Research in Boston. Earlier, he was the Director of Quantitative Research and an Equity Portfolio Manager at Invesco Capital Management, in Atlanta. Mr. Means has a BA in Economics from The College of William and Mary and an MBA from the University of Virginia. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the Hartford Society of Financial Analysts.