Evan Rapoport

Evan Rapoport is the CEO and Founder of HedgeCoVest, an innovative SMA/UMA hedge fund platform for advisors and investors that combines real time liquidity, position level transparency, brokerage account security, and flat fees. Mr. Rapoport conceived HedgeCoVest based on his experience creating and managing HedgeCo.Net, one of the world’s most trafficked marketplaces for hedge fund information. Today, HedgeCo.net has well over 35,000 subscribers.

Prior to HedgeCo, Mr. Rapoport was a Senior Vice President at Broadband Capital Management in New York City. At Broadband, he managed assets for institutions and high net worth clients, and participated in private placements and PIPE transactions. Previously, Mr. Rapoport worked at Oscar Gruss’ Private Client Group, where he is still the youngest person to be Senior Vice President in the history of the NYSE member. Mr. Rapoport started his career in a Chairman’s Council member’s office at Paine Webber. He is recognized as an authority on hedge funds and has been featured on the FOX Business Channel, FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and in leading publications including the Wall Street Journal.