Manny Singh

Manny Singh is a retired lawyer and now focuses his time on lecturing and consulting in the Cannabis space. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and the U.S. District Court. Manny spent over 30 years practicing in federal court before deciding to retire from law. He has a Doctorate’s degree from Nova Southeastern University and a background in accounting and finance. Manny entered the legal Cannabis space back in 2013 when he happened to be one of the architects behind the one of the first American based Cannabis Companies. Since then, he has been involved with about a dozen Marijuana related organizations. Manny has previously been featured as a headline speaker on the legalities of Cannabis at the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). He is currently representing California Cannabis Corporation which is a Southern California based operation, situated to be one of the largest Cannabis grows in California through its 8 licenses under the new California Cannabis regulations.