Dave Bunevacz

David graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. Since then, he has started several businesses in the tobacco and cannabis vaping industry. David is the Founder of Grenco Science Inc. and an investor of the world famous GPEN, the first THC oil vaporizer which has sold over 2 Million units between 2010-2014 and can be found in over 5,000 retail stores. He is also the Founder of Holy Smokes International, an international manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and white labeled for over 16 companies between 2003-2008. David is the Co-founder of Flip USA, the first vaporizer to use the pod technology in 2014-2015. With David’s vast experience and strong reputation and connections in the industry, he has also been involved in lobbying for Nevada and California licenses. He is the founder of California Cannabis Corporation which is a Southern California based operation, situated to be one of the largest Cannabis grows in California through its 8 licenses under the new California Cannabis regulations.