Angela Burris Vehorn

Ms. Vehorn obtained her journalism degree in Arizona and Southern California. She began her writing career in the legal field, writing law guides for attorneys as well as laymen. Her avid travels and adventures led to her broad scope of the human perspective, which has contributed to her ability to write in a variety of genres. Her first fiction novel, “Inka – the Adventures of Kelly Sloane” was published in 2005. She delved into screenwriting shortly thereafter, first adapting her novel and then utilizing her legal background and passion for human rights with the manuscript “Crimes Against Humanity” (now being considered at Random House), which she subsequently adapted into a screenplay and collaborated on with Brad Pitt’s company, Plan B. The script is also being considered by George Clooney, the most famous proponent for the atrocities in the Sudan.

Ms. Vehorn collaborated with Mr. Thomas and Mr. Fletcher on the romantic comedy, “Date Nate,” being considered by Emma Stone and Chris Pine. Her romantic comedy script, “Tequila” is also being considered as a vehicle for George Clooney and/or Justin Timberlake’s brands, in which either of them could potentially star. She collaborated with her daughter (then a teenager) on the teen comedy “Anonymously Famous”.