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By Howard Anton, Irl C. Bivens, Stephen Davis

The 9th variation keeps to supply engineers with an obtainable source for studying calculus. The publication comprises rigorously labored examples and exact challenge kinds that aid increase comprehension. New utilized routines reveal the usefulness of the math. extra precis tables with step by step information also are integrated into the chapters to make the recommendations more uncomplicated to appreciate. the fast money and concentrate on suggestions routines were up to date to boot. Engineers develop into engaged within the fabric due to the easy-to-read type and real-world examples.

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16, suggests that the range of / consists of all y, except y = 1. 16 = It is now evident from the right side of this equation that y = 1 is not in the range; otherwise we would have a division by zero. No other values of y are excluded by this equation, so the range of the function / is {y : y / 1} = (—00, 1) U (1, +00), which agrees with the result obtained graphically. -^ DOMAIN AND RANGE IN APPLIED PROBLEMS In applications, physical considerations often impose restrictions on the domain and range of a function.

A Figure Ex-26 Rocket 27-28 Express the function in piecewise form without using absolute values. ] ;? 3x + l (b) g(x) = \x\ + x - 1| 27. (a) f ( x ) = \x 28. (a) /(*) = 3 + \2x - 5\ (b) g(x) = 3\x - 2| - \x + l\ 29. As shown in the accompanying figure, an open box is to be constructed from a rectangular sheet of metal, 8 in by 15 in, by cutting out squares with sides of length x from each corner and bending up the sides. (a) Express the volume V as a function of x. (b) Find the domain of V . (c) Plot the graph of the function V obtained in part (a) and estimate the range of this function.

B) For what values of x is y = 3? (c) For what values of y is x = 3? (d) For what values of x is y < 0? (e) What are the maximum and minimum values of y and for what values of x do they occur? 4. In each part, compare the natural domains of / and g. x2 + x '-; g(x) = x x +l ; g(x) = FOCUS ON CONCEPTS 0 1 3 -4 Figure Ex-1 5. S. households (adjusted for inflation) between 1990 and 2005. Use the graph to answer the following questions, making reasonable approximations where needed. (a) When was the median income at its maximum value, and what was the median income when that occurred?

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