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SparkChartsTM—created by way of Harvard scholars for college students everywhere—serve as research partners and reference instruments that hide a variety of university and graduate university matters, together with enterprise, desktop Programming, drugs, legislations, overseas Language, Humanities, and technology. Titles like how one can examine, Microsoft notice for home windows, Microsoft Powerpoint for home windows, and HTML offer you what it takes to discover good fortune in class and past. Outlines and summaries hide key issues, whereas diagrams and tables make tricky options more straightforward to digest.

This four-page chart comprises reviews:
Definition of calculus and functions
Types of capabilities and rules
Trigonometric identities
Limits and continuity
Taking derivatives
Using derivatives

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G. (91) bj The conditions (91) is a system of g linear equations for degD variables fj . This observation immediately implies dim Image d ≥ deg D − g. 6 (Riemann’s inequality) For any positive divisor D l(−D) ≥ deg D + 1 − g. 5 for two simple corollaries of Riemann’s inequality. 7 For any positive divisor D with deg D = g + 1 there exists a non-trivial meromorphic function in L(−D). 8 Any Riemann surface of genus 0 is conformally equivalent to the complex ¯ sphere C. 5 MEROMORPHIC FUNCTIONS ON COMPACT RIEMANN SURFACES 56 Proof Let us consider a divisor which consists of one point D = P .

PM PM − q1 Q1 − . . − qN QN = (f ) is called the divisor of f and is denoted by (f ) . A divisor D is called principal if there exists a function with (f ) = D. Obviously we have (f g) = (f ) + (g), (const = 0) = 0, where f and g are two meromorphic functions on R. 3 Two divisors D and D are called linearly equivalent if the divisor D−D is principal. The corresponding equivalence class is called the divisor class. 5 MEROMORPHIC FUNCTIONS ON COMPACT RIEMANN SURFACES 51 We denote linearly equivalent divisors by D ≡ D .

Mg , mn ∈ Z. and mn ≥ 2(n − 1) (106) because of (105). This observation allows us to estimate the weight of the Weierstrass point Pk . Using (99) we get = = = ∆[h1 , . . , hg ] = ∆[z m1 g1 , . . , z mg gg ] = g (z m1 g1 )g ∆[1, z m2 −m1 gg21 , . . , z mg −m1 gg1 ] g (z m1 g1 )g ∆g−1 [(z m2 −m1 gg21 ) , . . , (z mg −m1 gg1 ) ] (z m1 g1 )g ∆g−1 [z m2 −m1 −1 g˜1 , . . , z mg −m1 −1 g˜g−1 ], = = where g˜k (z) defined by z mk −m1 −1 g˜k = z mk+1 −m1 gk+1 g1 are holomorphic near z = 0 and g˜k (z) = 0.

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