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How THIS booklet DIFFERS This ebook is ready the calculus. What distinguishes it, even though, from different books is that it makes use of the pocket calculator to demonstrate the speculation. A computation that calls for hours of work whilst performed via hand with tables is kind of beside the point for example or workout in a starting calculus direction. yet that very same computation can develop into a fragile representation of the idea whilst the scholar does it in seconds on his calculator. t additionally, the student's personal own involvement and simple accomplishment provide hello~ reassurance and en­ couragement. The desktop is sort of a microscope, and its magnification is 100 millionfold. we will have an interest in limits, and no degree of numerical approximation proves something concerning the restrict. in spite of the fact that, the spinoff of fex) = 67.SgX, for example, acquires genuine which means whilst a scholar first appreciates its values as numbers, as limits of 10 a hundred a thousand t a short instance is 1.1 , 1.01 , 1.001 , •••• one other instance is t = 0.1, 0.01, within the functionality e/3t+9-3)/t. ix distinction quotients of numbers, instead of as values of a functionality that's itself the results of summary manipulation.

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8793852 O. tA full explanation of this non-convergence requires the techniques of Chapter 13 (see Problem P6, Ch. 13). However, the "trial and error" method adopted here does obtain results and will suffice for our present treatment of functions and graphs. 3~~ is a zero of f(x) = x 3 - 3x - 1, the polynomial f(x) is evenly divisible by (X-32). That is, if we find a quotient polynomial q(x) so that f(x) = (X-32)q(X) + r, then the remainder r = 0 (to see why this is so, substitute Z2 for x in the last equation).

__\-Ar~a-: If he measures 116 ~ yards and believes he is accu- I I I rate within 2%, what size error I I is possible in his calculation I I of the area of the field (use a differential)? What percent error is that in the area? 007 inches thick. *9. I "---------'- It is to be 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. ) .... 78 g per cc). 3~9523 cm). 78 (that is, the steel weighs Finally, find the weight of the steel in ounces g). 10. 0001, ... , to find their limit, which is the derivative (fg)'(2).

78 g per cc). 3~9523 cm). 78 (that is, the steel weighs Finally, find the weight of the steel in ounces g). 10. 0001, ... , to find their limit, which is the derivative (fg)'(2). Then evaluate f(2)g'(2) + f'(2)g(2) as a check. 11. Follow the instructions of Exercise 10 to evaluate the limit of the difference quotients of the quotient function 12. The concept of the derivative as a rate business economics under the names marginaZ aost and marginaZ profit. 0027 per gallon distilled. Also, experience has shown that labor costs to run x gallons through the still are roughly 48 lg (x).

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