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4. Time-Delay Compensation The prediction strategy and noncausal control laws of the previous sections are seamlessly integrated to compensate for an input time-delay in a mobile robot. Moreover, a simple extension to the nonlinear predictor’s structure is proposed in order to cope with bilateral timedelays, moving towards implementing a fully telecontrolled system. ✐ ✐ “fig˙uni˙imp˙temp” — 2009/9/8 — 21:51 — page 1 — #1 52   ✐ Remote and Telerobotics   ZOH e−τ s   + z −[τɶ ]   + − +   Fig.

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Moderating Simulation Lag in Haptic Virtual Environments. Proceedings of IEEE the 39th Annual Simulation Symposium, pp. 269-277. Dodeller, S. & Georganas, N. D. (2004). Transport Layer Protocols for Tele-haptics Update Message. Proceedings of Biennial Symposium on Communications. ; Yoshida, K. & Yakoh, T. (2008). Low Delay Live Video Streaming System for Interactive Use. 1481-1486. Ferrell, W. D. (1965). Remote Manipulation with Transmission Delay. IEEE Trans. 24-32. ; Fraser, M. ; Vaghi, I. & Greenhalgh, C.

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