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By John S. Rodwell

British Plant groups is the 1st systematic and entire account of the crops forms of Britain. It covers all common, semi-natural and significant man made habitats in nice Britain (but now not Northern Ireland), representing the end result of fifteen years of study via major plant ecologists. The sequence breaks new floor in marriage ceremony the rigorous curiosity within the type of plant groups that has characterised Continental phytosociology with the deep challenge conventional in nice Britain to appreciate how crops works. the broadcast volumes were greeted with common acclaim, and the sequence has develop into firmly tested as a framework for a large choice of training, examine and administration actions in ecology, conservation and land-use making plans.

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Because the major distinctions between the vegetation types in the classification are based on inter-stand frequency, the key works best when sufficient samples of similar composition are available to construct a constancy table. It is the frequency values in this (and, to a lesser extent, the ranges of abundance) which are then subject to interrogation with the key. Most of the questions are dichotomous and notes are provided at particularly difficult points and where confusing zonations are likely to be found.

Pteridium aquilinum and grasses, prominent here equable climates, it may attain some measure of stability in more open stands, continue to be strongly represented as a climax Salicion scrub. in the third community in this group, the Ulex europaeus-Rubus scrub (W23) which takes in most of our Scrub and underscrub communities vegetation with the common gorse and brambles, or The bulk of our sub-climax woody vegetation on cir- Cytisus scoparius. Generally, however, this is a comcumneutral and base-rich soils in the lowlands has been munity of more acidic soils and the high frequency of classified in the Crataegus-Hedera scrub (W21).

Hermaphroditum, Luzula sylvatica, Deschampsia cespitosa, tall dicotyledons and bryophytes; a rare community of montane crags and ledges to devise a foolproof separation between the two: if in doubt, work right through the key starting at 2 W20 Salix lapponum-Luzula sylvatica scrub Scrub or underscrub with one or more of Crataegus monogyna, Prunus spinosa, Sambucus nigra, Ulex europaeus, Cytisus scoparius, Rosa canina agg. and Rubus fruticosus agg. frequent and often abundant; saplings of taller trees sometimes numerous but never forming an overtopping canopy 57 High forest or coppice in which Crataegus monogyna, Prunus spinosa, Sambucus nigra, Rosa canina agg.

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