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By James J. Busuttil, VI International Conference on Religion, Gerrie Ter Haar, Gerrie Ter Haar

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Twiss (eds), Religion and Human Rights (New York: The Project on Religion and Human Rights, 1994), 15. 67 See in this volume Gopin, op. , at 56. 65 religion: source of conflict or resource for peace? 31 that many people in the West consider the 11 September attacks as the work of religious extremists who misuse their religion for political ends. One way to combat religious extremism, therefore, is for secularists to have a proper understanding of what religion actually is, what it means to people, and to ensure adequate information on religious traditions.

These are only some random examples of the way in which religious resources are being used for furthering peace. Some further concrete and recent examples are discussed in the final chapters of this book. Benny Giay discusses local initiatives to transform the conflict-ridden Papua Province of Indonesia, and particularly the leading role of the churches in this endeavour. 57 The churches’ efforts to establish peace, he argues, have played an important role in creating an atmosphere in which Papuans can improve their situation.

Religion: source of conflict or resource for peace? 29 the unwholesome mind, according to the Buddhist thought described by Truong, that is unable to grasp the principle of what is referred to as “interbeing”; hence, actions derived from an unwholesome mind will result in harm to others. This is in contrast to actions deriving from a wholesome mind, which result in non-violent outcomes and may thus alleviate suffering. In other words, as Truong argues, Buddhist ontology provides us with a vision of human nature that is not geared towards power and control, but towards understanding the nature of interconnectedness, the key to empathy and compassion.

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