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Those information-packed volumes offer entire overviews of every nation's humans, geography, background, govt, economic climate, and tradition

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Looking at a map, one can see that not only most of South America, but also the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean, lie to the west of Brazil. Although Spain acquired rights to most of the Americas under the Treaty of Tordesillas, they were prevented from taking over the northern part of North America by the British and French, who claimed and settled most of what is now the United States and Canada. In 1500, Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral and his fleet of ships sailed westward from Portugal in the hope of finding a route to India and the riches of the Far East.

The resulting socioeconomic distinctions have hindered economic growth in Brazil and many other Latin American countries. As is true throughout most of Latin America, people from the upper and middle classes often try to avoid physical labor. Most poor people, on the other hand, lack the education needed to perform the tasks demanded as part of higher-paying jobs that require technical or academic training. The resulting waste of human resources has had a highly negative impact on labor productivity and Brazilian economic and social progress.

Winning the World Cup caused tremendous excitement among Brazilians. It helped elevate the sometimes depressed national esteem of the Brazilian people. CARNIVAL In addition to soccer, Brazil is world famous for its Carnival. This tradition dates back thousands of years. q 2/26/03 11:34 PM Page 55 People and Culture the fertility gods, agricultural revival, and a hope for rain. A form of Carnival also existed in early Rome. Slaves were freed, schools were closed, and wild parties were held. It was also a time to honor Saturn and other Roman gods.

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