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By Lisa Beljuli Brown

Based on a year’s examine from inside a Brazilian slum, this examine follows a sequence of unemployed ladies who watch as much as six hours of telenovelas an afternoon, usually in the course of laborious actual labour in the house. the ladies undergo in terms of their our bodies, yet concurrently put money into a masochistic glorification of affliction that hyperlinks their lives to the cleaning soap operas, revealing irritating valuations of the feminine physique that traverse truth and fiction. via its exploration of this day-by-day integration of actual anguish and fictional glamour and wealth, ‘Body elements on Planet Slum’ finds how myth and social exclusion can jointly set off a kind of mental survivalism, permitting those girls to reconfigure the significant positive aspects in their life – their anguish, excitement, sexuality and embodiment.

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Over their 25 years of living in the area, they had gone from living in one room below ground to extending their house to three stories. I lived in one of the original underground rooms. Se Deus Quiser (God Willing) One night in October 1999, after I had been involved with the Association for about three months, Tania took me into the depths of Santa Cruz to meet Nilzete, a woman who watches telenovelas for six hours per day. We wound through pitch-black alleyways scattered everywhere with puddles of water.

He lifts his great frame up and goes through a curtain just behind her. Francisca makes a plan: ‘I will prepare it early tomorrow morning, and then, if Livia is right, I should be rid of it by the afternoon novela’. ‘Please God’, she prays silently, ‘I feel bad about killing this child but this is the best way. ’ Francisca pictures Livia curled up in her room at the top of the ladder, sweating and bleeding and having visions of Nosso Senhor do Bomfim (Our Father of the Good End). Livia’s baby had nevertheless been born – it was a little girl, but she had died only a few hours later.

Small shafts of light come in from cracks in the wooden wall. She turns toward her right, brushing past dogs and cats, and can already smell the toilet area that is directly in front of her behind a low partition. Just outside it, she turns to a door on her right. It is sealed with a padlock and chain. She unchains it and enters her room. Livia was right. The following day, during the afternoon novela, Francisca is in the toilet area that is partitioned off from her bedroom. She is retching into a hole in the floor.

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