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By Duncan Manley

This guide describes a few of the forms of biscuit dough, the main phases in dough blending and dealing with, and identifies capability troublesome areas and strategies.

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The advantage of such a system is that there is less equipment to buy and maintain. The disadvantage is that it is slower to feed several mixers and there is a possibility that all of the flour leaving the weigh hopper does not reach the desired mixer because it is held in the pipe work, and what remains goes by mistake to the next mixer to call thereby causing a weighing error. 3 Loss in weight metering (weighing out) This system involves a feed hopper above the mixer which is filled periodically from the silo in a non-critical manner.

There is little possibility of controlling or adjusting the temperatures of the flour or the sugar and the fat is normally used soft at about 26°C. A small measure of control of dough temperature can be achieved by using cold or warm water and by holding the jacket of the mixer at a desired temperature. The ideal temperature for a completed short dough is between 18-22°C. Some ‘biscuits’ are made from very fluid batters, normally these are based on egg and are really variants of cake formulas. These batters are mixed with high sheer mixers in order to incorporate air bubbles which form the basis of the baked structure.

1 Batch mixers These are by far the most common type. 1 Vertical, detachable bowl, mixers T h e beaters are mounted vertically and either they and their drive mechanisms are lowered into a bowl or the bowl is raised to locate with the beaters and a lid. The beater shafts may rotate in fmed positions, in which case there are usually two or three beaters which intermesh with each other, or there is a single shaft which rotates vertically and itself is driven in a circular, planetary, manner. This 26 Biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacturing manuals action allows a single beater to reach all the dough in the bowl without merely moving it in a circular motion.

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