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By Joey Comeau

Martin goes to Bible Camp for the summer season. He's going to make new buddies. And he's excited, yet that's most likely simply because not anyone informed him what this ebook is termed.

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The demon Belial, once Lucifer’s lieutenant, promised his fellow demons a return to Grace and escape from their punishment if they helped him overthrow Lucifer’s throne. Their civil war has been waged in Hell for millennia. The seraphim, when they were not on Earth, resided in the realm of Caelum—a shining marble city situated in the center of an endless sea. The creatures of light took human form when they walked among men, but the seraphim’s overwhelming beauty and manner eventually led mankind to regard them as gods.

And one she wouldn’t argue with, so she would leave him to it. Intending to rejoin the crowd, she moved around him and down the steps. “I doubt you will find your opening tonight, preacher. But if you do, take it. ” He caught her hand, palm to palm. She stopped, staring ahead into the crush of chatting, laughing humans. Her heart jumped against her ribs, pounding. If he hadn’t guessed before, he must be certain of her identity now. She’d once told him that she’d known he was a chaplain on his ship, and revealed she’d taken vows of her own.

She crouched in the corner, trembling. Pale as a vampire, but not one. Her clenched teeth formed an even line. No fangs. Tangled red hair framed a face with hollowed cheeks. Solid black filled her eyes where the whites and irises should have been. Deacon stared, unease crawling over his skin. He knew this woman. A detective. One who’d worked with the Guardians. He’d met her once, at a vampire club in San Francisco. She’d been human then. She wasn’t anymore. He didn’t know what she was. “He wants to kill you,” she said, then gasped.

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