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And just like if you withhold the tithe it will be devoted to destruction, if you defile your body it will be on a course for destruction as well. If you don't keep your body the way you should, by obeying God, your body will begin to destruct. This is the law of sowing and reaping in action. The more a person takes drugs, drinks alcohol, partakes in pornography or adultery, and all other kinds of sin, the more quickly he or she will die. Can this be true for a believer? Yes. The law of sowing and reaping works just like natural laws that govern this earth.

He has signs and wonders He wants to manifest. He has some outstanding work planned for us. He intends to gather to Himself all of the people in the earth who will come to Him. He is not a God of wrath. He is a God of justice. He's like the potter, ever working, ever adjusting to lead us on a path of righteousness, a path filled with good, a path filled with benefits. Find out what the Word of God says about holiness. Find out what it says about being vessels of honor and dishonor. Begin to do what the Word says.

God is faithful. He's just waiting on the opportunity to help you. He is a merciful and loving Father. " As a believer, that's what God's asking you to do—to draw nigh unto Him and He'll draw nigh unto you with every deliverance, every blessing, every prosperity that you need. If you're a person who's moved away from God, He's asking you to return. If you've never been saved, He's asking you to come to Him and make Jesus your Lord and Savior. " He wants us to learn to separate in our lives the precious things that are His from the vile things of this world.

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