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It also helps the child to focus on the parents and pay attention to other people’s behaviors and words. Joining the Real World The fifth developmental milestone involves play. Pretend play helps a child to understand emotions and to form ideas about the world. In order to feel accepted, an autistic child at this level needs patience and positive support for the stereotyped ways he or she plays with toys. In addition to praising and being interested in the child’s play, the parents follow the child’s lead and encourage curiosity.

An occupational therapist determines how adept the child is at activities of daily living. For a young child this might mean toilet training, self-feeding, undressing, walking, playing, spoon-feeding, or using crayons. The Importance of Correct Diagnosis Even with the information from a team of specialists, it is difficult to diagnose specifically an ASD in a child under the age of three. A two-year-old child such as Exkorn’s son Jake, for instance, can be diagnosed with autistic disorder by one clinician and with PDD-NOS by another.

The program concentrates on the specific behaviors that are disordered in children with ASDs —communication skills, social skills, and restricted, repetitive actions. Each skill is broken down into tiny steps that can be taught to the child and then shaped and molded into an appropriate behavior. The treatment relies on intense, repetitive training. Most children enrolled in ABA programs spend a minimum of twenty-five hours a week in therapy, both at home and in a clinic or therapist’s office. Their daily schedules, indeed their whole lives, are devoted to treatment and, if all goes well, changing the wiring in their brains.

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