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By Péter Lőw, Kinga Molnár, György Kriska

This atlas provides the fundamental options and rules of practical animal anatomy and histology thereby furthering our realizing of evolutionary recommendations and edition to the surroundings. It offers a step by step dissection advisor with a number of color photos of the animals featured. It additionally provides pictures of the main organs besides histological sections of these organs. quite a lot of interactive tutorials provides readers the chance to guage their realizing of the elemental anatomy and histology of the organs of the animals offered.

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9). Fig. 8 Place pins in pairs as nearly opposite to one another as possible starting from the anterior end 4 Dissection of the Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) 37 Oesophagus Circum-pharyngeal connective Pseudohearts Seminal vesicles Ventral nerve cord Nephridium Buccal cavity Prostomal nerves Septa Pharynx Supra-pharyngeal (cerebral) ganglion Anterior spermatheca Crop Posterior spermatheca Fig. 9 Opened and pinned out earthworm (before the water cover) Gizzard Dorsal blood vessel Intestine 38 4 The first structures you probably see are the three pairs of cream-coloured seminal vesicles.

These are used for storing the produced sperm. Use tweezers to remove these structures Oesophagus Circum-pharyngeal connective Dissection of the Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) from over the top of the digestive system that lies underneath it. Now flood the dissecting tray with enough water (or isotonic saline) to completely cover the earthworm (Fig. 10). Anterior, middle, posterior seminal vesicle Pseudohearts Dorsal blood vessel Intestine Nephridia Buccal cavity Prostomial nerves Pharynx Supra-pharyngeal (cerebral) ganglion Septa Anterior spermatheca Crop Posterior spermatheca Calciferous glands Fig.

14). can be found in interconnecting elements as well. Ventral nerve cord has paired segmentally repetitive ganglia interconnected by transverse commissures (these are not visible on the sections) and longitudinal connectives (Fig. 15, top right). The ventral nerve cord is accompanied by subneural (SV) and lateroneural blood vessels (LV), one medial and two lateral giant fibres. Giant fibres are nerves with the fastest conductivity among invertebrates: median one transmits impulses to the posterior direction, whereas lateral ones to the anterior direction.

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