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By Cornelius Holtorf

What effect is there at the box to acknowledge that archaeology is a typical function in way of life and pop culture? dependent upon the research of britain, Germany, Sweden and america, Cornelius Holtorf examines the commonalities and peculiarities of media portrayal of archaeology in those international locations, and the diversities among media shows and viewers wisdom and allure to the topic, In his basic attractive, populist sort, Holtorf discusses the most techniques to be had to archaeologists in enticing with their well known representations. Possessors of a widely known, certainly valued and good underpinned model, archaeologists have to take extra heavily the allure in their paintings.

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Schliemann’s Heirs broadened out from archaeology in Germany and now embraced German projects carried out abroad. ” Again, the German film maker secured the support of the relevant state institution, in this case the German Archaeological Institute which is financed by the German Foreign Ministry. The approach towards archaeology taken in all these films is well illustrated by some book and chapter titles of the accompanying publications: Treasure hunters in Germany; Schliemann’s heirs and the message of the lost cities; Angkor, the Atlantis in the jungle.

According to a pitch to advertisers, each programme shows: “a race against time to rescue an important and often unique piece of evidence from the past and save it from destruction. Using state of the art geophysics and observation 43 Cornelius Holtorf equipment, a small group of multi-skilled archaeologists record and evaluate the site before it is destroyed. Their challenge – to get out of an area with the information intact. Whether climbing rock faces, hacking through jungle, diving or pot holing – nothing must stop them reaching their goal.

At least two of the associated books also contained prefaces by Dieter Planck, then President of the Association of German State Archaeologists (Verband der Landesarchäologen). Possibly as a side-effect of the cooperation with official bodies, which is typical for the work of Graichen, the TV series was awarded the German Prize for Heritage Preservation (Deutscher Preis für Denkmalschutz). The C 14 series effectively married ordinary state archaeology and its high-tech methodologies with existing popular stereotypes of archaeology emphasising exciting quests for historical treasures and revelations by scientists about secrets of the past.

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