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By Jon White (ed.)

Step again in time and stroll the banks of the River Nile to profit what made this society probably the most robust historical civilisations in background. Meet the most iconic pharaohs, journey the awe-inspiring landmarks raised of their honour, establish the spiritual tenets that dictated lifestyle or even learn how to learn the hieroglyphs!

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The Hittite forces pursued the decimated Egyptian army all the way to Ramesses’ camp, crashing easily through the porous Egyptian defences and battling their way toward the royal tents themselves. ” This was the moment that saw the birth of Ramesses the Great. The pharaoh took to his chariot and sliced through the Hittite ranks, cutting down the foe with his bow while rallying his troops to battle. The image of Ramesses on his golden chariot — his bow drawn back in deadly fury, his wheels rolling over the crushed bodies of his enemies — is carved into the walls of more Egyptian temples than any other story in the empire’s 3,000-year history.

He was an hour’s march from Kadesh and heartened to hear his enemies were rightfully trembling at his godly might. Ramesses ordered his troops to make camp. The royal tents were raised, the horses watered at a gentle tributary of the Orontes, and the soldiers circled the chariots as a half-hearted barricade against the unlikely possibility of attack. In reality, an attack was not only likely, it was imminent. It turned out the locals rounded up by the Egyptian scouts were planted by the Hittites.

After Alexander’s death, his most senior generals divided his vast territory between themselves. Completely oblivious to the dangers of interbreeding, it became customary for the Ptolemies to marry their brothers and sisters. It was convenient for them as not only did it ensure queens could be trained for their role from birth, but also established them as an elite, untouchable class far removed from the masses, similar to the revered Egyptian gods who married their sisters. -88 BCE 115-80 BCE UNCLE MARRIES NIECE Ptolemy XII 117-51 BCE Ptolemy XI COUSIN MARRIES COUSIN Berenice III 115-80 BCE UNCLE/ NIECE/ STEPFATHER/ STEPDAUGHTER MARRY Cleopatra V 95-?

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