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By Naomi Pasachoff

Examines the character in addition to the concept methods which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our knowing of the wildlife.

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The boy was saved from the ugly, dreadful manifestation of the disease. It took a hundred years and another great scientist, the redoubtable Louis PASTEUR (1822-1895), for laying down the rules by which these war exercises of the body's defence system can be staged. Pasteur had already demonstrated that diseases are caused not as a result of divine curse but because of infection by some disease carrying microorganisms. He had also shown the world quite convincingly that bacteria do not generate spontaneously but originate only from pre-existing organisms.

Further such activated mines now extend all over the territory. ' MUTINY OFTHE BOUNTY 45 One can imagine what would happen in such an explosive situation. Even the slightest disturbance,the entry of even a small amount of the enemy antigen is enough to press the plungers and explode a large number of mines. The resultant flood of chemicals dilate too many blood vessels. The sudden increased flow leads to angry swelling and hives. At the same time these chemicals have an opposite effect on the muscles which surround and control the air ways.

These chemicals beckon macrophages to the site of the encounter and also incite them. The resultant angry macrophages can engulf and digest the beleagured cells. The angry macrophages are not discriminating like the Tccells. They are not specific to an antigen. But since their action is local they attack only those cells that are recognized by the Tw cells. Interferon is another type of a chemical weapon. It inhibits the protein-making machinery of virus-infected cells so that the virus cannot proliferate.

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