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The assembly of 1824 was all that Charles X could have wished on his accession. Apart from the chambre introuvable, it was the most royalist assembly during the entire Restoration, including a mere twenty-nine liberals elected in the arrondissement constituencies and nine in the double vote departmental electoral colleges. The victory of the ultras, which they claimed it to be, although most of the royalist deputies were not ultra in sympathy, was all the more complete with the passing of the hi septennale during the new session.

37 Prices collapsed. In 1828 the selling price in Colmar was only just over half that of 1789, when prices had been lower than usual, following a serious slump. The full explanation for the crisis in the wine industry lies in a myriad of factors, but most were seen to have national political implications. High indirect taxes caused much resentment. Restoration governments continued Napoleonic policies and five indirect wine taxes were retained (of which the most substantial was the droit d'entree, a tax on wine entering a commune, which varied according to the size of the commune).

To conform to accepted convention, Charles should have appointed a left-of-centre government that was tolerable to the small liberal majority. On a personal and philosophical level Charles found such a decision repugnant. He argued that the Martignac administration had been his attempt to compromise and it had been destroyed by the liberals. Electoral fraud and a growing polarisation stimulated mistrust and the inability of political rivals realistically to appraise the differences between them.

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