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Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Elliptic Type

The current ebook is predicated on a one semester direction on the college of Craiova. The objective of this textbook is to supply the history that is essential to start up paintings on a Ph. D. thesis in utilized Nonlinear research. My goal is to supply for the scholar a large point of view within the topic, to demonstrate the wealthy number of phenomena encompassed by way of it and to impart a operating wisdom of crucial suggestions of research of the options of the equations.

Problems in Mathematical Analysis 1: Real Numbers, Sequences and Series

We examine through doing. We examine arithmetic by way of doing difficulties. This publication is the 1st quantity of a sequence of books of difficulties in mathematical research. it really is in most cases meant for college kids learning the elemental rules of study. although, given its association, point, and choice of difficulties, it's going to even be an awesome selection for educational or problem-solving seminars, fairly these aimed toward the Putnam examination.

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