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Both deceptive and distorted cognitions may be conceptual or non-conceptual. In a conceptual cognition the appearing object is a metaphysical entity, namely a mental image or idea, such 3;S that of a vase. Its conceptualised about object is the vase itself, an objective entity. Conceptual cognitions are deceptive inasmuch as they confuse an appearance. with the actuality it implies, such as the mental image of a vase with an actual vase. If what a cognition conceptualises about is non-existent, then it is not only deceptive, but distorted as well.

An idea of a mango is the mental picture or image you have of one based on the exclusion of everything it is not and which you use for conceptually thinking about one. It is not derived, however, from an active process of excluding but is merely metaphysical entity. can be of its shape, smell, taste and so forth. If you have actually seen or eaten one, then your idea of a mango is a firm one based on first-hand experience and understanding. If you have not, then you may have only a flimsy idea based on the sound of the word "mango" itself.

Aryas they may be indirectly so perceived. Ordinary people know them through inference and thus it is necessary for there to be only two distinct valid ways of knowing. To differentiate more as separate methods is superfluous. Concerning this, the definition of a valid way of knowing is a fresh, non-fraudulent awareness. When divided, there are two types: valid bare perception and inferential understanding. From another point of view, there are (another) two types: validly knowing that the attentiveness (of a cognition) either has been self-induced or will have to be induced by another (cognition).

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