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By P. David Marshall

Companion to Celebrity provides a multi-disciplinary number of unique essays that discover myriad matters on the subject of the origins, evolution, and present developments within the box of famous person studies.

  • Offers a close, systematic, and transparent presentation of all elements of megastar experiences, with a constitution that conscientiously construct its enquiry
  • Draws at the most modern scholarly advancements in star analyses
  • Presents new and provocative methods of exploring celebrity’s meanings and textures
  • Considers the progressive ways that new social media have impacted at the construction and intake of celebrity 

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We appreciated the gesture very much so when I say Su and I were uneasy about being asked to sign the copy, I do so out of a sense of our own humility; the selfdoubt we have about our work; our own imperfect identity positions; and because the work isn’t just ours but belongs also to the great writers who fill its pages with insight and texture. Nonetheless, the request got me thinking about companions and companionship and about the idea of the celebrity companion, a set of related themes and instances I would now like to take up within the context of liquid modernity and its aching, lonely neoliberal form of individualism.

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