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31 Will one magnet attract another magnet? « Use two pencil-shaped magnets. Lay one of them on the table. Bring the other slowly u p beside it and see w h a t h a p p e n s . Do this several times. N o w t u r n one of t h e m around and do the experiment over again. Do this several times. Now use the bar magnets. You will notice that there is an N on one end and an S on the other end of each of them. Lay one of the bar magnets on the table. Bring slowly the S pole of the other magnet up to S pole of the magnet on the table.

These charges were negative. 10. How can a positive charge of electricity be made? Find four books each a b o u t a n inch thick. Place two books in one pile on a table and the other two about a foot away in another pile. Place a glass window pane from one pile of books to another. Cut some tissue paper dolls about one-inch tall. P u t the dolls u n d e r the glass. R u b the glass vigorously with a silk cloth. After a while the dolls will come u p a n d t o u c h the glass. T h e n they get the same c h a r g e as the glass (positive) a n d are repelled.

Will other things besides copper wire conduct electricity sufficiently to light a lamp bulb? Connect two dry cells, light b u l b and switch. Open the switch. O n e at a time substitute the following materials for the c o p p e r strip or knife of t h e switch—brass curtain rod, iron nail, match, string, a n d strip of aluminium foil. W h i c h ones c o n d u c t e d electricity? H o w did you know they conducted the electricity? Of course the light b u l b lighted only w h e n t h e electricity was conducted.

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